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Our Brand

Welcome to our small business - Dis⚡️Ohrted Vintage - and follow along as we grow! My name is Sarah Ohrt & I created this labor of love to share my light in hopes of leaving this world a little bit better than I found it!

Using a combination of new and pre-loved garments we aim to repurpose and upcycle apparel to help lessen the growing burden of waste created by the fast fashion industry. Our items are One Of A Kind!

Please note: These are all vintage reworked items and may have graphics or writing that's unrelated to the reworked final product.

Disohrted is not affiliated, sponsored, endorsed, and/or licensed by any brand listed on our website. 

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•Turn dead-stock/surplus inventory into revenueCycle surplus soft goods back into the marketplaceA better alternative to closeout, donation or waste
• Sustainable and profitable business / growth strategy
•Add a refreshing and unique eco-friendly offering to your retail strategy